New Website For Our Client, Oracle Law!

The Brief:

Build a new website that reflects the professionalism & calibre of Oracle Law.

The website that Oracle Law had was very dated, didn’t fully-reflect the services they provided and was no longer functioning properly.

Oracle Law needed a website that was engaging for visitors, easy to navigate and displayed information in a succinct, simple-to-digest way.

New website
new website

The Result:

We built Oracle Law a design-led, client-focused website.

The search bar across the site makes it easy for the client to navigate to the information they need.

There are call-to-actions throughout the website – encouraging the viewer to email, or pick up the phone.

The professional feel of the website cements Oracle Law as one of the leading Law Firms in Glasgow.

Next Steps:

We are delighted to continue working with Oracle Law as their marketing experts.

Focusing on digital marketing, SEO & traditional marketing channels, we are looking forward to building a long-term partnership with Oracle Law.

We can’t wait to help them grow their firm and exceed all their expectations!

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