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🚀 We’re excited to unveil our cohesive branding and web design project for Celina at CJS Interior Design, brought to you by our team at Pink Pine Media!

🌐 Branding & Web Design

From the colour schemes reflecting Celina’s unique interior design style to the carefully selected typography that speaks to her sophistication and elegance. Every part of the web design project is a true portrayal of Celina and CJS Interior Design.

🎨 Crafting The Unique Logo

The logo is infused with her unique touch and colour scheme. As can be seen, it has a look that is assuredly modern. It brings in elements of elegant design as a testament to the work that Celina does.

📖 Telling the Brand Story

At Pink Pine Media, we believe each brand has a unique story. We’ve infused the essence of who Celina is. Chiefly, her journey in the world of interior design, and her vision for CJS Interior Design throughout her new brand identity. We know how important it is to communicate a brand’s essence. Moreover, we’re excited to help CJS Interior Design share its narrative in a way that engages visitors and turns them into clients.

🔑 A Memorable First Impression

A memorable first impression is key in today’s competitive business environment. For this reason, we utilised a cohesive blend of modern design, easy navigation, with a touch of elegance. We’ve ensured that visitors to the CJS Interior Design website have a captivating first encounter that leaves them excited to see more. Subsequently, this was a collaborative process. It involved understanding Celina’s unique vision with our mission being to bring that vision to life. The result of which is a brand presence that truly distinguishes CJS Interior Design from the rest.

We are thrilled to have facilitated Celina’s brand launch. We look forward to witnessing her growth. ✨🥂🎉

Check out her new website here ➡

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